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We all have those brands that we love so much we just can’t help but want to share them with everyone we know….including wearing their branded apparel! Well, Hot Yoga Queensbury (HYQ) is one of those brands- offering more than just yoga, they also offer branded apparel with some serious style that is hard to keep on the shelves….a sign of a well loved brand 🙂

About HYQ & Stephanie: 

Stephanie Angelucci of Hot Yoga Queensbury started her yoga journey 16+ years ago when she was an officer and nurse in the United States Air Force.  After suffering a traumatic knee injury, practicing yoga helped her get back into the swing of normal life…little did she know, that would spark a passion to share yoga with others seeking their own personal healing and she gets to do just that at Hot Yoga Queensbury!

The Situation: 

HYQ had their line of apparel printed on Alternative Apparel, American Apparel 50/25/25 Unisex t-shirts and American Apparel 50/25/25 Ladies tank tops, but wanted to branch out to see what other products were available to them. Other customers who have been on a similar journey have often found that there can be several perks to looking outside of their normal product offering….perks including potentially less expensive options or wider selection of styles or colors!

Thinking of new styles to offer can seem like an overwhelming idea, however, HYQ asked themselves three great questions to get things going: Q1) What is selling well? Q2) What do people like about the styles that are selling well? Q3) What are people asking for?

The answers to these questions really helped us guide them in the process of finding some great new styles for their brand!…..A1) They knew their ladies apparel was selling very well, so they naturally wanted some cool new ladies styles to offer. A2) They also knew that any new pieces they chose would need to be super soft because of how everyone already loved the 50/25/25 (Polyester, Cotton & Rayon) Tri-Blend softness of the styles they had been ordering. A3) Their clients were asking for sweatpants.

Once we knew a main objectives, we knew the brand to recommend….the Bella+Canvas line of blank apparel!  We don’t have the full line on our website, but do have access to much more through our blank apparel vendors. So, we shared some options with Stephanie/HYQ and after looking through the various styles, they found some great options for wearing both in and out of the yoga studio (see their pics below!):  

8804 Bella+Canvas Ladies Flowy Muscle Tee with Rolled Sleeves

8430 Bella+Canvas Ladies Triblend Racerback Tank

8803 Bella+Canvas Ladies Flowy Muscle Tank

6682 Bella+Canvas Ladies Racerback Cropped Tank

3727 Bella+Canvas Unisex Sponge Fleece Jogger Sweatpant

We truly love to help guide our customers to the right piece of apparel for their needs, so it was fun venturing outside of the brands HYQ was used to in order to find some great new styles for their clients and staff to enjoy!! Now, Hot Yoga Queensbury not only looks amazing in the custom apparel, but can continue to provide new styles to their customers and make a nice margin on each piece sold.  We call that a Win/Win/Win!

We love the relationship we have with Stephanie, too!… we only wish we were closer so we could actually attend a session of yoga with her! 🙂


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May 24 2018