About Us

Want to know about us? We love helping Businesses, Non-Profits & groups of people around the country look amazing in custom apparel.

In 2004, a small business that came to be known as Coed Monkey started out of a college dorm room because of a t-shirt order that went wrong with another printer. Our founders believed that we could do better than the company that messed up, simply by taking care to know each and every order before they hit the presses. There are a lot of options for getting printed apparel these days, but we love standing out by promoting soft shirts that people actually are proud to wear, and offering 6-Star Customer Care (since Google only allows us 5!). Helping your business look amazing in custom apparel is why we exist. You can go almost anywhere to get production, but you come to us to get service.

Making it Easy

Your Business, Non-Profit, or group deserves the best experience in ordering Custom Apparel. We believe that starts with one-on-one Customer Care & the highest quality standards. We know the language of the industry, but more importantly, we speak the language that our customers can understand.

Speaking of Soft. One thing that we’ve especially become known for is our Vintage Ink Screen Printing Process, which is a lighter coat of ink, applied with a higher mesh count screen & less pressure to give it a truly one-of-a-kind unique feel compared to the normal, thick ink most printers use.  Here’s a quick video to show it in action:

We are in business to help your organization look amazing, so please let us know if you have any questions by starting a Live Chat, sending a Contact Message, or giving us a call. 

Oh, one more thing! We really care about t-shirts & our clients, so when our original owner, Bill Svoboda, had the opportunity to speak in front of 1,800 people at a TEDx event, what do you think he talked about?  T-Shirts, of course. 

Take a quick watch if you’d like to see someone who’s truly passionate about t-shirts. Hopefully this quick video gives you an idea why everyone else here at Foxtrot Marketing Group – Custom is so passionate about Soft Custom T-Shirts too!