Why We Are Different

Ordering custom apparel can be very intimidating – whether you’ve never ordered before or you place orders all the time and are wanting to pursue a new project. We exist to lower that intimidation bar as far as we can. From helpful product pages, review videos, blog posts, art proofs, and sample packs to responsive chat, live service phone calls, and email communication; everything we do is to ensure you are getting the best possible results on your order. Our process is designed, from beginning to end, to help ease the process of ordering custom apparel. We are hands-on and interactive throughout the order, so no one is left wondering what is next. Shop the website, drop us a note, hit us up on chat, or give us a ring at 1‑877‑874‑4781 to get started!

So, what does the order process look like?

A flow chart:
Consultation → Approval → Delivery

You want a few more details? We’ve got ’em.


You likely have a lot of questions. What is the best shirt? How is my art (or idea) going to actually look? When will I get everything? Why can’t I order just 2 shirts?

We have the answers. Our team will look at your art (or idea), your apparel needs, and what it will take to get the two together. We answer questions and explain options while collecting all the details we need.


You owe nothing until we get your approval. And we desperately want your approval.
Specifically, we send you two things to approve:

  1. A final, fully flushed, no‑surprises cost estimate
    • This gives you a final check on the shipping destination, sizes & quantities, and price
  2. A digital art proof created with production ready art
    • This gives you a final check on the shirt style & color, logo size & placement, ink colors(s), and representation of the final outcome


Once we get your approval, the magic actually begins happening in production. We will order the blank apparel in custom for your order, and start the production process once they are in. The whole production process varies from order to order, but we ensure that every standard-circumstance order delivers within two‑weeks. Happiness delivered!

Shop the website, drop us a note, hit us up on chat, or give us a ring at 1‑877‑874‑4781 to get an order going!