Picking Sizes

What sizes should I get?

Well. Good question. Everybody and every body is different!

In our opinion, picking sizes for your order can be the most challenging part of getting an order going. Each garment style is cut in its own unique way. Each person receiving your shirt is cut different, too.

The garment manufacturers provide specs for each garment, and we’ve included those specs on each product page for reference. We’ve also taken the extra step to contribute product review videos for most of the garments on our site, and you can always reach out to our team for input as well.

All of that info is great and will help shape your decision, but if getting the right size is über important, it’s a great idea to buy samples ahead of finalizing your order.

If you are building an inventory of t‑shirts for your retail store, Etsy shop, restaurant, bar, band, or fund raiser, you probably won’t know exactly how many shirts you’ll need in each size. But, a good starting place is:

  • 20% Small
  • 24% Mediums
  • 24% Large
  • 24% XL
  • 8% 2XL

Sizing Groups

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s sizes?

In the decorated apparel game, we call men “unisex”.

This can be cause for additional trickery. In the wholesale garment world, women’s apparel tends to run *approximately* 2 sizes small. This means a size Medium in a women’s shirt would generally fit more like a unisex size XSmall. But, this isn’t exact, nor is it true 100% of the time.

Men have it easy. They just have less going on. The sizes are fairly consistent, the cuts are simpler. So there’s way less variation between styles and brands. If you want simplicity for your order, we suggest picking unisex sizes across the board. This tends to work really well for nearly all scenarios!

Even though it can be harder, women look and feel great in clothes not made for some boxy man. Women’s sizes offer a combination of feminine features — typically sleeve and body length brought in, tapering of the sides, shoulder shape, and neck shape — that allow the shirts have a more stylish fit made for a woman.

Every “body” is unique. We have the measurements from the manufacturers on the product pages, but they are really hard to translate into real life. If you really want to get it right for your group, we can build a custom sample pack for most brands in the style and sizes of your choice. Just reach out with a message, a call to 1-877-874-4781, or on the chat, and we will help tackle the picking sizes challenge.

What if I need a variety of sizes, from infants to linebackers?

Do you really know a linebacker? Like, an adult one?

Let us know what you need, and we’ll let you know what options you have. As with most (all?) things in life, the best results come with a higher cost. Can it be done for cheap? Probably. Does that mean you’ll have to compromise on something? Definitely. But, we will consult with you to see what the best course of action is for your order, budget, timing… all of it!

Not every item comes in all sizes.

Count on sizes S-2XL being an option for 95%+ of garments out there, but different brands have a more limited selection of colors and styles available in the larger and smaller sizes.

Putting a number before an XL is more expensive.

The manufacturer’s charge more for 2XL and above. So, we do too!

Smaller Sizes are special.

Infant, Toddler, Youth, Ladies’ sizes, and Unisex‐size X‑Small (our “Smaller Sizes”) add some complexity to the process. There’s a few things to consider with this special group, which is laid out nicely in our FAQ, and we highly encourage you to ask our team what is best as well.

Big picture:

  • You can’t put large art on a small shirt
  • You can’t put a small shirt on a large print board
  • We exist to help you navigate these things, so reach out and ask! 🙂