One Woman, Her Etsy Shop, and a Whole Lotta Magic!

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Every one of our customers has a unique story to tell, whether they are ordering for a non-profit, a tech startup, a small business, or in the case of this blog post- an Etsy shop! We love hearing all about what the apparel is being used for, and are so excited to share all about this magical Etsy shop today πŸ™‚

A little backstory on this magical Etsy shop:

Michelle is an Etsy Shop Entrepreneur running a self-proclaimed “one-woman show” called Second Star Co. πŸ™‚ She does it all, folks! After reading this post, please do yourselves a favor and visit her shop at!

Second Star Co. says they sell “Handmade happiness with a touch of magic & pixie dust”, and once you take a glimpse of the items she has hand-crafted and designed, you will see what makes this Etsy shop & owner so great!

Not only are her products super fun, but her customers LOVE working with her….so much so, that her shop has a 5 Star rating with nearly 300 reviews!! 

Their T-Shirt Situation:

If you are selling your own line of custom screen printed apparel, you know that finding the right t-shirt company to partner with in bringing your designs to life is no simple task. That’s why we were so happy when Michelle found us, because we knew that what we offer would pair nicely with what she had in mind to order! 

Michelle knew her creative designs deserved to be printed on some soft shirt styles that would compliment them for an overall stylish look. She also knew that her customers deserved a high quality product, something they could wear time and time again. 

One of the styles Michelle loves to order is our Custom Canvas 100% Ringspun Cotton Unisex T-Shirt (3001). This is a popular style, and for good reason! It is made of 100% soft Ringspun Cotton, and a great fit with a tailored side seam-not at all like the boxy t-shirt styles of the past πŸ™‚ Plus, it comes in a wide variety of colors (more than what is shown on our site, so if you don’t see the color you are looking for, just ask)! 

Another fun thing Michelle has used for her orders to add just the right touch of magic is our Mirror Gold Ink! As you can imagine, this is a great color to go with her designs, and looks great on pretty much any color shirt/tank/onesie (See her pics below) πŸ™‚ 

Beyond the products we offer, in working with Michelle, we knew there were a couple things we should emphasize to make sure she received the best experience…. an extension of our Core Value of 6-Star Customer Care.

  1. We believe in answering questions quickly. Being responsive is so important, especially because we understand our customers are busy and may not be able to connect at all hours of the business day.
  2. We believe in making complex orders easy: ink switches, mix-n-match apparel styles/colors with the same design, etc. This way, retailers like Michelle are able to offer a wider variety of product for their customers to enjoy without breaking the bank πŸ™‚

We are so incredibly honored to be able to work with Michelle on bringing her magical t-shirt/tank/onesie designs to life, and are always looking forward to which shirt style/color/design combo she comes up with next πŸ™‚ 


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Disclaimer: Second Star has no affiliation with The Disney Company or The Disney Store. All of their designs are handmade and are original ideas that are inspired by the Disney parks and/or characters.