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We are so excited to share this customer experience featured post with you, as it not only looks into an awesome company, but an innovative approach to using custom apparel at a trade show for maximum exposure to the brand. So, let’s start by sharing a bit about this company and customer we have the privilege of printing for…

About Chromebook Parts: 

Shane Johnson’s entrepreneurial journey begins as most do: Spotting a void in the marketplace and focusing on a simple solution. His marketplace was the K-12 education system and the void was the necessary availability for Chromebook parts to service the existing Chromebooks across the country.

Founding his company just a couple years ago with the main objective to help fix broken devices in a fast and cost effective manner (resulting in less money spent and fewer electronics being thrown away or replaced) is crushing the competition with its cutting edge technology and dedication to being the best resource for Chromebook owners looking to fix their devices.

It’s a pretty simple business model, but requires meticulous detail to service the countless Chromebook owners who rely on his business’s parts.  “We distribute replacement hardware from our warehouse here in Minneapolis, MN, USA.” remarked Shane as we chatted with him about how his business actually works. “And we work with thousands of school districts, insurance providers, and repair shops worldwide.”  
If it’s safe to say that “America runs on Dunkin,” the IT infrastructure for American education definitely runs on

The T-Shirt Situation: 

Shane is a brilliant businessman, marketer and salesman, so when he came to us with a new idea for how he could use t-shirts as a marketing tool at a conference, we were all ears.

Regularly attending industry trade shows and expos, Shane saw a new opportunity to get his name out to the thousands of attendees.  Instead of simply giving away branded t-shirts, pens, mouse pads, notebooks, etc. (which are all very common for these types of events), Shane decided to invest in high-quality t-shirts with his logo/branding on them, then give them away at the trade shows WITH ONE BIG TWIST…  

Shane decided to run a raffle, and part of the prerequisite to being able to win the raffle is that you must be wearing the shirt when the drawing occurs.

This resulted in hundreds of people patrolling the trade show floor, wearing the t-shirts (see pictures below). Talk about “walking billboards!”

The campaign was a great success, putting his brand directly to the forefront of the everyone’s mind, amidst all the other vendors that also attended (any of which are competition to him).

The Supplies: 

Shane has the unique variable of having a logo that contains 5 ink colors which signaled to us that he would need a shirt that would hold the production well, so we needed to recommend a shirt style that aligned with Shane’s price point, quality expectations, color needs, and shape/fit.

Fortunately, we had enough time to be able to have Shane check out a few of our options in-person before we needed to move forward with the full production. Please NOTE: For larger orders where timelines allow, it is recommended to either order a sample pack, or have us create a custom sample pack for you. 

Once Shane decided on the shirt style and color, it was a simple matter of getting the production underway and the shirts in-hand to Shane in time for his next event.


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