Artwork, Artwork, Artwork

The belly of the beast. The pièce de résistance. The crux of the matter. Other expressions that mean it’s important. No matter if you have a fully flushed art file ready for production, or a doodle on a napkin – we can work with any artwork concept!

We really try to make it easy for our customers to get just the look they want in their custom screen-printed items. Some artwork is really straight-forward to achieve, and some artwork is very complicated. But, there’s almost nothing we say no to – so we can work with whatever you’ve got! And, if there’s going to be some hoops to jump through with the artwork, we will be sure to have a fully informed conversation with you.

What types of artwork files can I give you?

We aren’t picky.

AI, SVG, ESP, PDF, PowerPoint, PSD, TXT . . . we can work with almost anything, even your child’s drawing on the fridge. Ideally, vector art files with the text outlined is the fastest for our order process.

Here’s what you really need to know:

  • We are magic and can create amazing artwork from anything. Or even nothing.
  • Our presses are not magic. We use our magic to make things that work on press.
  • Magic doesn’t care about file types.

Sometimes magic is fast and free. Sometimes it takes time and money.

  • If we can easily get your art press ready, it’s free. Even PowerPoint files. Magic!
  • If it needs extra magic, we let you know right away, along with what it would cost.

Really, the file type matters less than the design. So just send us what you’ve got. We’ll tell you what works and what should change. And if you want us to do the work, we can do that too. Should I say it again? We can work with any artwork concept.

Printable Areas

Can I get you to print off the bottom edge of the shirt?

No. That makes the presses messy. Ick.

Here’s our basic print limitations . . .

  • Our max-print area is 12 × 15 inches on most apparel, so keep your art boards or image files at that size or less.
  • We need a smooth surface to print on, which means we can’t get closer than three-quarters of an inch from a seam.

And here’s more detailed specs . . .

Standard Print Locations:

Special Print Locations:

Ink Colors

What ink colors do you have?

We have three types: stock, custom, and specialty.

  • Stock inks have no extra cost to them (see below for the selection)
  • Custom color mixing is $15
  • Specialty inks — like neons or metallics — are also $15. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know if we can get them to work on our presses.
Cool Gray 7
PMS 425
PMS 186
PMS 202
PMS 172
TN Orange
PMS 151
TX Orange
PMS 159
Athletic Gold
PMS 130
PMS 1245
PMS 123
PMS 375
PMS 378
PMS 361
PMS 256
PMS 350
PMS 322
PMS 332
Crystal Blue
PMS 306
PMS 289
PMS 286
PMS 300
PMS 292
PMS 291
Deep Purple
PMS 268
PMS 265
PMS 5115
PMS 248
Hot Pink
PMS 225
PMS 212
Bubble Gum
PMS 210
PMS Black 4 c
PMS 464
Vegas Gold
PMS 4515
PMS 452
PMS 7499

Printing Options

How does color ink look on a colored shirt?

It looks different.

Have you ever known someone with hazel-colored eyes who could get their eyes to look blue or green depending on the color of their outfit? If not, just accept that it’s a real thing. The color of the shirt will mess with your perception of ink colors, too.

Sometimes it’s very subtle, sometimes it’s extremely pronounced. It’s part physiological, part psychological, and all relative to the individual person. In general, people can’t tell the difference from memory. They need the side by side comparison. Take a peek of a print test we did under the previous Coed Monkey brand:

Eggplant ink on red vs. green
Eggplant (PMS 5115) art on Brick Triblend and Emerald Triblend.
Gray ink on orange vs. navy
Graphite (PMS 425) art on Classic Orange and Cool Blue.
Royal ink on orange vs navy
Royal (PMS 286) art on Orange and Midnight Navy.
Green ink on yellow vs teal
Emerald Green (PMS 361) art on Mustard and Teal.

Printing: Photographic Printing

Can you make a print a shirt from a photo?


And not like the schlocky iron-on from the drug store . . .

We don’t do full color printing, like you get from an ink jet printer. Going onto apparel, it just looks weak. We convert your photo to spot color(s), using either line art or halftoning techniques. Which gives you art that looks like this:

Not every photo is a great candidate for a shirt. Having the subject in high contrast to the background or cut out completely makes a big difference. Having an image where there are fewer key colors also makes it easier to print without adding a lot of added expense. But, dare I say it again, we can work with any artwork concept.

Depending on the source photo, the technique you want to use, and number of colors you choose, we may need to charge you some art fees. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know how much work it will take and what it will cost before the work starts.

Further Questions?

Don’t worry, we get it. If no one had questions, we wouldn’t have a business. Call us! Send us a chat. Drop us a Contact Message. We are here to help, and there’s no one better suited to help bring your ideas to life.