What Happened to Coed Monkey?

Foxtrot Custom vs. Coed Monkey

Many of our customers originally came to us when we had a different name – Coed Monkey Custom T-Shirts and Apparel. Now we have a new name and new brand: Foxtrot Marketing Group – Custom (or, Foxtrot Custom, for short). So what happened? What else changed besides the name?

We are pleased to be able to say that while the name and brand have changed, the core operations, principles, and values that defined Coed Monkey are still alive and well with Foxtrot Custom. In 2018, Coed Monkey was purchased by a larger company called 2020 Brand Solutions. 2020 Brand Solutions was a full-service promotional products company offering screen print services, embroidery, and digital print services – all things beyond what Coed Monkey traditionally offered. So, while the ownership structure changed in 2018, Coed Monkey continued on as usual with the same name and operations with nothing else changing at the time.

Things continued in that fashion until fall of (year) 2020 when (company) 2020 Brand Solutions went through a branding makeover and organizational structure change. Coed Monkey was brought “in-house” during that change. Previously Coed Monkey had been left to operate as a separate entity with 2020 Brand Solutions as the parent company. Now, Coed Monkey was no longer a separate entity with a parent company… it was a part of the same company. 2020 Brand Solutions became Foxtrot Marketing Group, and Coed Monkey became Foxtrot Marketing Group – Custom (or Foxtrot Custom). Still, even with the organizational realignment, we continue to operate with the same core principles, operations, values, and philosophy that originally guided Coed Monkey. To our customers, the only thing that has changed is the branding and image. Behind the scenes there is a lot more going on that is different from before, but we are thankful to be able to offer the same level of service, the same product selection, the same care, and the same production as we always have.

tWhether you’re a new customer to Foxtrot Custom or have been with us for years, we are grateful for your business and partnership to help bring your brand to life. The custom apparel world can be a bear to navigate, and we exist to serve our customers and bring the expertise that is needed to make great decisions for your project. Please drop us a Contact Us message if you’d like consultation on how to best bring your vision to life, or give us a call at (877) 874-4781.